Biohazard: behind the scenes

Creating the main character was the most fun part of this project. To start creating a character, you need a plan all about him or her.

Basic Comic Research

After creating my main character, I needed to research comic panels and covers. The panel must show what is actually happening and incorporate speech bubbles at a minimum. Comic book covers need to be attractive and eye catching. So as a main source of information, I must research artists and illustrators that have already created and produced comic books and/or graphic novels. One of the Illustrators that I started my research with was Humberto Ramos and his work on Dan Slotts' 'Spider-Man:Big Time'.

Below are some of the research pages.

Character Design

All stories have characters, especially main characters. Here shows the different concept designs for my main character. Branching from 'Princess Mononoke', The Traveller from 'Journey' (PlayStation 4 game) and Sahara Desert Nomads. While designing their clothing, I wanted each design to be suitable for certain climates or suitable for moment. In the end, I chose the design with the enlarged body tunic with religious markings. I also made a short bio about my 'Wanderers' character traits. 


The backgrounds below started of with a collection of water-coloured ideas. I wanted the watercolour to give that sense of abandonees and isolation. To show how much of the world has gone to pot alongside a sense of supernaturality to it. I wanted to compare water-colours with digital colouring so, I focused my attention to the desert. The one place in the world where you would feel the most isolated and lost.I took some inspiration existing deserts like the Sahara Desert and from the movie adaptation of, 'Dune'. I focused on the planet, 'Arrakis'. I then created various versions of my background and added some personal touches. 

biohazard: Radioactive sands (final outcome).

A 10 page comic strip created during my break and finished as a final piece in my 2nd year of university. For my brief, I must create a small comic book named, 'Biohazard: Radioactive Sands' where the world is in the twisted aftermath of an item named 'The Source' containing immeasurable power that left the planet Earth as a dune filled sphere with radioactive air. The main character is a 'Wanderer' who uses his metal arms to protect himself from dangerous mutated, un-dead animals.His body is on a constant timer as his body is slowly decaying from irradiation poisoning. He now wanders round a fallen world, trying to survive and figure out how the world became a toxic sphere of sands.

(These panels were drawn using pens and pencil, scanned into my computer and coloured using digital applications).