Observational ART/Sketchbook Work

These are a tiny sample of drawings and sketches from my sketchbooks that really stood out . 

3-D designs

These designs were from a wallpaper project that I had to do around the final term of my first year at sixth from. I came up with this idea when realising that I didn't want to create a traditional one so I started on making a fully working 3-D wallpaper design. The main design of the wallpaper was from 3 variations of a graveyard angel and applied different colours. This red one stood out the most in my opinion and tried out my first prototype. The following ones are the final outcome. Using Cross-Hatching and Pointillism, I created two versions: 

  •  Cross - Hatched Angel.
  •  Pointillism Angel.


For the design to really standout, please try 3-D glasses to see for yourself.