Basic Comic Research

After creating my main character, I needed to research comic panels and covers. The panel must show what is actually happening and incorporate speech bubbles at a minimum. Comic book covers need to be attractive and eye catching. So as a main source of information, I must research artists and illustrators that have already created and produced comic books and/or graphic novels. One of the Illustrators that I started my research with was Mark Bagley and his work on 'Ultimate Spider-Man'. Below are some of the research pages.

Concept Art

Creating the main character was the most fun part of this project. To start creating a character, you need a plan all about him or her.

The backgrounds below and page 5 of the actual pages are water-colours. These were the only ones coloured. I wanted to compare water-colours with digital colouring. Ultimately I chose water colours. This was more reliable technique for me. My experience with water-colour has been positive and it shows in my backgrounds (below). At the time my skills in graphic design were limited and given the time pressure I did not have time to improve my skills to a level I was happy with on the computer.

The Wanderer (black outline).

A 10 page comic strip created as a final piece in my final year of sixth form. It is a 'What If?' comic where the world is in the twisted aftermath of an item named 'The Source' containing immeasurable power that fell into the wrong hands. The main character is a 'Wanderer' who uses masks to protect himself from dangerous bounty hunters and to limit his exposure to radiation from using The Source. He wanders round a fallen world, trying to undo the things befallen in the world.

(Keep in mind that these are just the black and white sketches with no tones and shadows.).